The Mulcahy Lecture “Protecting Children from Unhealthy Food Marketing” took place in Dublin on Thursday, April 7th.

The Mulcahy Lecture “Protecting Children from Unhealthy Food Marketing” took place in Dublin on Thursday, April 7th.
The lecture examined the marketing of unhealthy food to children in Ireland and around the world and how it influences the global obesity epidemic in children. It looked at how food companies market their products to children and the impact this has on healthy food choices. Many thanks to all who attended. Please find copies of the presentations below:
Opening Presentation: Dr. Edna Roche, Head of Department of Paediatrics, University of Dublin, Trinity College and Consultant Paediatrician, National Children’s Hospital, AMNCH, Tallaght, Dublin 24.
Dr.Roche’s presentation provided a thorough background on the current extent of the childhood overweight and obesity epidemic in Ireland.
Keynote Address: Sue Davies, Chief Policy Adviser, WHICH? UK.
Sue’s presentation discussed policy developments in the UK including a ban on advertising of unhealthy food to children that has been implemented. Sue also examined other (non-broadcast) marketing techniques (e.g. sponsorship, the internet and new media). 
Marketing of Food and Beverages to Children – Stakeholder view on policy options in Ireland
New: Visit our Tips for Parents, showing what you can do as parents to help your children understand advertising.
Every day children are targeted by hundreds of adverts for unhealthy foods (foods high in fat, sugar or salt, such as confectionary, salty snack foods, fizzy sugary drinks and fast food). These adverts appear on television, on the Internet, in shops, on packaging and in many more ways.
The National Heart Alliance and the Irish Heart Foundation are calling for a ban on TV advertising of these unhealthy foods to children because there is a vast amount of scientific evidence linking these foods to a poor diet and obesity in young people.
Parents’ ConcernParents too are very concerned and a survey has found that 78% of Irish parents said they would like to see a ban on television adverts up to 9pm.
NHA and IHF RecommendationsThe Children’s Food Campaign led by the National Heart Alliance and the Irish Heart Foundation has created a paper on all forms of unhealthy food marketing to children. 
 The main recommendations are:         – A healthy eating policy in schools.
– More support for parents and guardians on encouraging healthy eating in the home.
– A healthy eating policy for children’s healthcare facilities.
– The retail sector and manufacturers have a vital role to play.
 – The type and amount of food marketing to children needs to be monitored. 
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