Television advertising of unhealthy food to children – have your say!

Consultation on Children’s Commercial Communications Code

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) is the body responsible for the regulation of broadcasting in Ireland and is currently reviewing the Children’s Commercial Communications Code – the code that regulates television advertising to children. The BAI is seeking submissions from parents, the general public and organisations to gather their views on how the promotion of foods high in fat, sugar or salt (HFSS) to children should be regulated.  The Broadcasting Act 2009 requires the code to protect children, particularly with regards to public health. The current health status of Irish children, with 1 in 4 primary school children either overweight or obese, is of major public health concern and there is robust scientific evidence that food marketing and advertising has damaging affects on children’s diet and health (see notes below). The Irish Heart Foundation and the National Heart Alliance have long called for a ban on the television advertising of unhealthy foods to children from 6am until 9pm.
On behalf of the National Heart Alliance and the Irish Heart Foundation,  I ask for 10-15 minutes of your time to support this important public health issue by sending in a submission to the BAI.
I have prepared a draft template which answers questions asked by the BAI in their consultation document and reflects the submissions from both the Irish Heart Foundation and the National Heart alliance.  You can of course send in your own submission;  use the template below – as is;  use the template below without referring to the Irish Heart Foundation/National Heart Alliance ; or simply just take the first  paragraph below in the letter as your submission.
Please submit your own response to the BAI no later than Friday, October 14th 2011.  Responses can be sent by post or email to : sowens@bai.ieor to the address below:
Submission template:

September 2011

Sinéad Owens
Children’s Code Consultation
Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
2-5 Warrington Place
Dublin 2
Dear Ms Owens,

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