Best of India’s telecom limiter has responded L

The very best of India’s telecom limiter has responded to cyber-terrorist who released his person information after he questioned them to do so. Memory Sewak Sharma tweeted their unique Aadhaar biometric IDENTITY number, challenging one to decide more about him making use of the 12 digits  Airtel Number Check. Different hackers then released his / […]

Consumers said staff had advised these individuals computers

Currys PC World has apologised after customers complained just read was pressured into paying as much as £40 in set-up expenses for a new notebook. Consumer group Which?  Laptops Under 30000 pointed out 108 customers had noted being given no choice but to pay the extra amount if they gathered their particular laptop. Which? mentioned totally […]

Television advertising of unhealthy food to children – have your say!

Consultation on Children’s Commercial Communications Code The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) is the body responsible for the regulation of broadcasting in Ireland and is currently reviewing the Children’s Commercial Communications Code – the code that regulates television advertising to children. The BAI is seeking submissions from parents, the general public and organisations to gather […]

The Mulcahy Lecture “Protecting Children from Unhealthy Food Marketing” took place in Dublin on Thursday, April 7th.

The Mulcahy Lecture “Protecting Children from Unhealthy Food Marketing” took place in Dublin on Thursday, April 7th. The lecture examined the marketing of unhealthy food to children in Ireland and around the world and how it influences the global obesity epidemic in children. It looked at how food companies market their products to children and the impact this has on […]