Best of India’s telecom limiter has responded L

The very best of India’s telecom limiter has responded to cyber-terrorist who released his person information after he questioned them to do so. Memory Sewak Sharma tweeted their unique Aadhaar biometric IDENTITY number, challenging one to decide more about him making use of the 12 digits  Airtel Number Check.

Different hackers then released his / her
contact number, address in addition to account particulars Airtel net balance check number.

But Mr
Sharma has said the particular hackers may have got found all the information
by way of a “determined Yahoo search”. His / her decision to make his
/ her 12-digit  Idea numbers check ID amount open public is
available in the wake of a fierce debate about the biometric identity plan.

‘Leak’ in planet’s biggest database worries Indians Aadhaar, this means
foundation, started out as a non-reflex programme to help deal with benefit
fraud, but just lately it truly is made obligatory for access to welfare
strategies Number Check

Authorities have repeatedly aware that the scheme puts personal information at
danger and possess criticised government efforts in order to compulsorily link
it to bank accounts and cellular phone

Typically the authorities has
always insisted that will the biometric data is often “safe plus secure in
encrypted form”, and claims anybody identified guilty of leaking info can
ending up getting jailed and fined.

Which was in this soul that will Mr
Sharma requested cyber
criminals to prove that will they can harm him simply by using the
particular Aadhaar quantity Idea Balance Check.

Skip Twitter write-up by simply @rssharma3 RS Sharma @rssharma3 Replying to
@kingslyj The Aadhaar number will be 7621 7768 2740 We offer this challenge for
you: Display me a single concrete illustration where an individual can perform
any trouble for me personally! 1: 44 PM HOURS — Jul 28, 2018 three or more,
202 2, 589 men and women are usually talking about this specific Tweets Ads
facts plus level

of privacy Report Conclusion regarding Twitter
post by simply @rssharma3 A team of “ethical hackers” replied by
releasing Mr
Sharma’s individual data, including two cellular numbers, his home cope with,
banking account details, his / her taxes identification number in addition to
his profile image about WhatsApp. First, a Facebook customer released Mr
Sharma’s cellphone

number. Check net Balance in Airtel Skip Facebook article
by @iasni Karan Saini @iasni Thanks to this, I now know that you could have an
Airtel telephone number attached to your current
current Aadhaar (99XX5XX977) RS Sharma @rssharma3 Responding to @kingslyj
My Aadhaar number is 7621 7768 2740 I give this challenge to you in person: Airtel
Show me
one real example where you can go harm to
me personally!

5: 17 PM SEVERAL HOURS – Jul 28, 2018 six-hundred 378 people are mentioning to
this Twitter Ads facts and privacy Document End of Twitter
post by @iasni “After having this number, I handled to get his additional
mobile number and particulars, including his current plus old addresses, date
relating to birth etc, ” Kanishk Sajnani, one of the hackers who responded
inside order to the process, told LABELLISÉ BASSE CONSOMMATION Gujarati.

important concerns on Aadhaar answered Idea Net Balance Check “There are extensive
insects within government websites in addition to is actually a simple activity
to get data producing usage of individual’s birthdates, e-mail address and
mobile amounts, ” he added. Picture copyrightVAIBHAV MANWANI Image caption
Mister Sajnani is 1 about the hackers who achieved Mr
Sharma’s personal particulars He said the
us government want to inspire authorities to have pests in their
programmes. “Authorities should reward individuals who else will notice
such flaws with their systems, ” Mr
Sajnani said.

Sharma had appear
under fireplace from India’s main resistance Congress party for tweeting out
his / her Aadhaar amount. The gathering said of which typically the stunt had
made males and females “lose faith” within typically the biometric
system. Yet Mr
Sharma has was adament
that this
hackers did not necessarily succeed because they did not necessarily obtain
their information through the Aadhaar database.

They will instead
“attempted to hack” his e
mail balances,  TechkyUniverse said. “You have got found
details on me that will
others can have acquired by a new determined Yahoo search with
out the benefit for the exact Aadhaar number, inches Mister Sharma wrote in
the particular Indian Express newspaper. “Aadhaar would not contribute to be
able to manage to increasing
any of your current other electronic vulnerabilities”, this individual

Consumers said staff had advised these individuals computers

Currys PC World has apologised after customers complained just read was pressured into paying as much as £40 in set-up expenses for a new notebook. Consumer group Which?  Laptops Under 30000 pointed out 108 customers had noted being given no choice but to pay the extra amount if they gathered their particular laptop.

Which? mentioned totally raised the care with the firm “multiple times” since 2015, but continued to be able to hear problems. Currys  Best Laptops Under Rs 30000 PC Planet said it was “urgently re-briefing” its stores.
Consumers said staff had advised these individuals computers of which had already been setup were the only real types left inside stock, meaning they will have to spend a earlier unmentioned system fee. Apology Buy Laptops Under 40000
The retailer gives a £35 “Knowhow” set-up service. Buyers told Which? they have got been not advised it was optional. Under UK customer contract law all vendors should advertise the total associated with a product bought online Laptops under Rs 40000 A Currys PERSONAL COMPUTER World spokeswoman said: “We are sorry to observe that some customers have got been charged for a new Ideas Laptop Set-up services on their new machine if he or she did not request that. “While setting upwards machines in advance permits consumers who want typically the to be able to benefit from that right away, it is not anything everyone needs  Earphones Under 500.
“We usually are urgently re-briefing our stores today to be reminded regarding which, in the small amount of cases where simply pre-set up versions usually are available, customers should not really become charged for typically typically the service when they purchase their laptop. ” Earphones Under Rs 1000 Consumers impacted by this need to email Currys COMPUTER World at whichsupport@dixonscarphone. possuindo, she added ‘Pressurised’ Which? called around the firm to be able to return influenced customers, expressing this had first contacted Currys in January 2015  Earphones Under Rs 500.
Alex Neill, Which? overseer regarding home and merchandise solutions, said: “This issue offers been going on for more than three years without having quality which we usually are disappointed people are continuous to record feeling pressurised into separating with the money “We need Currys to make cast-iron guarantees it will put an ending just for this practice plus that customers who’ve been caught out there will become reimbursed. ” Within 2013, countless Currys clients  Earphones Under 1000 complained they’d been mis-sold extended warranties.
Currys mentioned through the time that files seen by BBC Wales were a record associated with why individuals terminated the warrantee and performed not really prove mis-selling. Reference: WhollyTricks

Television advertising of unhealthy food to children – have your say!

Consultation on Children’s Commercial Communications Code

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) is the body responsible for the regulation of broadcasting in Ireland and is currently reviewing the Children’s Commercial Communications Code – the code that regulates television advertising to children. The BAI is seeking submissions from parents, the general public and organisations to gather their views on how the promotion of foods high in fat, sugar or salt (HFSS) to children should be regulated.  The Broadcasting Act 2009 requires the code to protect children, particularly with regards to public health. The current health status of Irish children, with 1 in 4 primary school children either overweight or obese, is of major public health concern and there is robust scientific evidence that food marketing and advertising has damaging affects on children’s diet and health (see notes below). The Irish Heart Foundation and the National Heart Alliance have long called for a ban on the television advertising of unhealthy foods to children from 6am until 9pm.
On behalf of the National Heart Alliance and the Irish Heart Foundation,  I ask for 10-15 minutes of your time to support this important public health issue by sending in a submission to the BAI.
I have prepared a draft template which answers questions asked by the BAI in their consultation document and reflects the submissions from both the Irish Heart Foundation and the National Heart alliance.  You can of course send in your own submission;  use the template below – as is;  use the template below without referring to the Irish Heart Foundation/National Heart Alliance ; or simply just take the first  paragraph below in the letter as your submission.
Please submit your own response to the BAI no later than Friday, October 14th 2011.  Responses can be sent by post or email to : sowens@bai.ieor to the address below:
Submission template:

September 2011

Sinéad Owens
Children’s Code Consultation
Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
2-5 Warrington Place
Dublin 2
Dear Ms Owens,

The Mulcahy Lecture “Protecting Children from Unhealthy Food Marketing” took place in Dublin on Thursday, April 7th.

The Mulcahy Lecture “Protecting Children from Unhealthy Food Marketing” took place in Dublin on Thursday, April 7th.
The lecture examined the marketing of unhealthy food to children in Ireland and around the world and how it influences the global obesity epidemic in children. It looked at how food companies market their products to children and the impact this has on healthy food choices. Many thanks to all who attended. Please find copies of the presentations below:
Opening Presentation: Dr. Edna Roche, Head of Department of Paediatrics, University of Dublin, Trinity College and Consultant Paediatrician, National Children’s Hospital, AMNCH, Tallaght, Dublin 24.
Dr.Roche’s presentation provided a thorough background on the current extent of the childhood overweight and obesity epidemic in Ireland.
Keynote Address: Sue Davies, Chief Policy Adviser, WHICH? UK.
Sue’s presentation discussed policy developments in the UK including a ban on advertising of unhealthy food to children that has been implemented. Sue also examined other (non-broadcast) marketing techniques (e.g. sponsorship, the internet and new media). 
Marketing of Food and Beverages to Children – Stakeholder view on policy options in Ireland
New: Visit our Tips for Parents, showing what you can do as parents to help your children understand advertising.
Every day children are targeted by hundreds of adverts for unhealthy foods (foods high in fat, sugar or salt, such as confectionary, salty snack foods, fizzy sugary drinks and fast food). These adverts appear on television, on the Internet, in shops, on packaging and in many more ways.
The National Heart Alliance and the Irish Heart Foundation are calling for a ban on TV advertising of these unhealthy foods to children because there is a vast amount of scientific evidence linking these foods to a poor diet and obesity in young people.
Parents’ ConcernParents too are very concerned and a survey has found that 78% of Irish parents said they would like to see a ban on television adverts up to 9pm.
NHA and IHF RecommendationsThe Children’s Food Campaign led by the National Heart Alliance and the Irish Heart Foundation has created a paper on all forms of unhealthy food marketing to children. 
 The main recommendations are:         – A healthy eating policy in schools.
– More support for parents and guardians on encouraging healthy eating in the home.
– A healthy eating policy for children’s healthcare facilities.
– The retail sector and manufacturers have a vital role to play.
 – The type and amount of food marketing to children needs to be monitored. 
Sharing InformationThis website’s aim is to keep parents, policy makers and other interested parties informed on issues relating to food marketing to children and to encourage ongoing debate on the issue.  
We would love to hear your views on the matter, so share your views on our guestbook or send us an email and tell us what you think!  
Check the latest news section regularly for updates…..
Find out why food marketing to children is a real issue in Ireland and what we can do about it – The Children’s Food Campaign Position Paper  

Find out what Irish parents think about food marketing to children – Research on Parents Opinions on Food Marketing to Children